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OxygenOffice Professional 3.1

OxygenOffice Professional, previously known as OpenOffice.org Premium, is a free and open source enhancement of official OpenOffice.org. The OxygenOffice Professional Team has modified the source of OpenOffice.org and bundled lot of extras with it.

Here are just a few of the extras you get with OxygenOffice Professional:

Extra content

More than 2,900 graphics are included, both clip art and photos Several templates and sample documents are included too, as well as over 90 fonts. These extras are ingrated by default in the installation of OxygenOffice Professional, but they are optional, so the user can decide what parts to include and what parts to leave out. They are all free for both personal and professional use.

Extra tools

Additional tools like OOoWikipedia, which can search the free on-line encyclopaedia Wikipedia, are also included. An enhanced help menu, addtional User's Manual, and the enabled extended tips are great to help beginners get started using OxygenOffice Professional.

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OxygenOffice Professional


OxygenOffice Professional 3.1

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